You May Be Wondering...
    How Do I Find and Apply for Scholarships?

    Here are many helpful hints to guide you along your scholarship journey:
    1. Check out the “Scholarship Board” located in the senior hallway.
    2. Search for Scholarships with the links below
    3. Discuss scholarship opportunities with college representatives/admissions office you are attending or planning to attend.  Colleges can often be the source of larger dollar amount scholarships.
    4. Consider earning the A+ scholarship to attend a two year school with paid tuition. If you plan to attend a four year school ask if they offer a scholarship for having the A+ scholarship.
    5. Complete the FAFSA online. Your counselors are available by appointment to assist if you need help or have questions about the FAFSA.

    The counselor's office has many resources for area colleges and local scholarships. All seniors will receive regular emails with the most updated scholarships available to them. 

  • William C. Cooper Leadership Scholarship