• Welcome Wright City High School Wildcat students and parents to the 2019-2020 school year!

    Posted by Matt Brooks on 8/9/2019 10:00:00 AM

    It seems like just yesterday that we were having graduation outside and wrapping up the 18-19 school year. We at WCHS are very excited about the 19-20 school year that is upon us and are working to prepare for the 500 students that will soon fill the halls.

    As a staff we have developed a vision for this year that is centered on what we call the rocks and stones. We have had 3 district rocks, rigor in instruction and assessment, student engagement, and utilizing data to drive instruction for several years. We have also created four building cornerstones that augment the rocks and address other important topics. A video explaining the rocks and stones is on the high school webpage.

    Another focus for the staff at WCHS is to make sure that students and parents are well informed of all that is going on at the high school. We will utilize both the district and high school calendar pages, facebook, twitter, email blasts, general and certified mailings, the Wright City Connection, and the marquee.  I am working on creating a weekly email for parents and students as well. 

    Wright City High School understands and acknowledges that cell phones are a necessity for many students and parents. Responsible use of technology is something that we hope to instill in our students. At WCHS we have seen in recent years that cell phones and devices have led to increased disengagement during classes. To curb the noneducational use of cell phones Wright City High School students will have their devices off and away during instructional times. Students may still use devices before and after school, between classes, and at lunch. Additionally, if a parent or guardian needs to reach a student during the day, please contact the office rather than call or text the student directly during instructional time. If it is an emergency, please specify this and office staff will get the student immediately to the office. The Wright City High School office phone number is (636)745-7500. I want to thank you in advance for your assistance in our efforts to protect instructional time.

    I am looking forward to partnering with all associated with Wright City High School to provide our students with a truly great high school experience this year!

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