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East Parent Volunteer Information

Dear East Families, 
Here at East Elementary we value and encourage our community and families to volunteer with our many school events.  That being said the safety and security of our students are of the utmost importance. All volunteers interested in working with our students by chaperoning field trips, working classroom parties or other hosted school events where the volunteer is interacting with groups of students will need to have a currently approved background check and have a signed Volunteer Agreement Form on file with the East office.  These items are necessary to have on file in order for volunteers to work with another child(ren) other than their own child(ren). 
Those wanting to accompany their child while at a school event such as a field trip, classroom party or end of the year field day will need to have a signed Volunteer Agreement Form on file with the East office. 
All guests for our assemblies, Kids Inviting Someone Special Day, Kindergarten Promotion, Holiday concerts and the like are not required to have either form on file. These events are where the community and family members are our guest and not specifically working with our students. 
Attached is our Background Check Form and Volunteer Agreement Form.  If you foresee you or your family volunteering in either of the above capacities please complete the forms and turn them into the East office so you can be added to our school volunteer list. Please contact the East office if you have further questions.