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Building Robots and Making Memories

On Thursday, March 30th, Wright City West held its first annual Math and Science Night.  I had the privilege of working in the robot room.  For this station, students had to create a standing robot using just recyclable materials and tape.  I was amazed by students’ creativity! They searched through the materials to find the perfect arms, legs, bodies, hairstyles, noses, eyes, hats, and muscles to create robots with special identities (many students discussed their robots’ names and hobbies, and some even created robot pets).  I also witnessed constant problem-solving taking place.  For example, when a robot was not able to stand, students worked to redistribute weight by adding more support to the bottom or taking away materials from the top.  I loved hearing students cheer when they successfully made their robot stand on its own.  This problem-solving extended beyond the robot room.  Students came into my station and showed me bridges they made with straws that were able to support a toy car, and discussed how many pennies their aluminum foil boats were able to hold without sinking.  A lot of this critical thinking was accomplished through the support of parents, grandparents, siblings, and more.  My favorite part of the evening was seeing families work together to accomplish a task.  It was apparent how much the students loved sharing their successes with those close to them.  I encourage families to do these types of experiments at home.  Kids learn a lot, and it creates wonderful memories.  Here are just a couple of websites that provide ideas for experiments that can be done with household materials:




Bonnie Crossman