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Mr. Johnson's Spectrum Class

Spectrum 2016-2017


Spectrum students are busy finishing up their year-long research to action projects in the next few weeks. During the course of the school year, they have worked hard to become experts in a field of their choice utilizing interviews, text, professional journals, and relevant websites. After mastering their area of interest, they set out to come up with an innovative, original, and helpful  product that solves a problem or somehow improves their area of focus. Can you bake a “healthy” cookie? Can a generator be made that utilizes magnets to create clean energy? Is there a diet that helps prevent the effects of seasonal allergies? We are asking the hard questions this year in Spectrum and getting results!


We are also currently researching to prepare for dissection in the coming weeks. Each grade level has selected a set of animals to research and plan a dissection for. Crickets, snakes, pigs, fish, lizards, and starfish will soon be investigated inside and out so we can get a better understanding of how our body systems work and compare to animals from several different kingdoms.


In addition to their research projects, individual grade level projects that tie in with grade level material, and dissection, each student has been participating in the Autonomous Learner Model, a program designed to increase individual accountability, responsibility, and problem solving. We began by researching successful individuals and compiling a list of traits they shared. Since then, we have been working on building these traits into our own habits. I have heard some great conversations resulting from reflecting upon behaviors, study habits, and communications.


If you have any questions about the gifted program at Wright City West, please feel free to contact Shane Johnson at shane.johnson@wrightcity.k12.mo.us.