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Mrs. Sutton's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Sutton’s Third Grade Students

Write Haiku Poems

Students have been reading many types of poems and learning about figurative language. We are writing similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, idioms, and personification. Each student wrote a Haiku, which is a Japanese poem that follows a syllable pattern. A Haiku poem has three lines with five syllables on line one, seven syllables on line two and five syllables on line three.  Check out some of these great Haiku poems!



Sharks swim very fast

Sharks are very dangerous

Sharks like to eat fish

By Faith


Is always laughing

He’s the greatest friend, ever

Always cheers me up!

By Grant  



He is a true friend!

My dad is very playful.

My dad is so sweet.

By Layla



You can bake a cake

Do not catch the house on fire!

You can burn yourself

By Emma  



Books are fun to read!

You should read them everywhere

Any book you want

By Torrie



Buildings, bigger, big

Population building up

Bigger than Boston!

By Karsten  



Silk blanket of white

A powdery white landscape

Dances in the sun

By Addison



Some dogs can be blind

Dogs jump so high in the air

Dogs need water, now!

By Autumn