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Ms. Randolph's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Randolph

Fifth Grade


We have accomplished so much this year already!  I am so excited about all that we have learned.  


Right now we are in the middle of researching and writing argumentative essays on whether or not to allow chocolate milk in schools. It has amazed me how many of the students have changed their minds based on research that they found. They are learning to look at all sides before making a decision. That is AWESOME!


In Reading, we are also studying argumentative texts. Digging deep into a debatable issue has proven to be very challenging. We have groups researching both sides of a topic and preparing to debate either side. This has been interesting as we have noticed that we definitely have our own opinions! However, researching both sides has taught us to be objective and just look for the facts! I can’t wait to see them debate each other with what they have learned.

In math, we are finishing up a fractions unit. We have been answering all kinds of real world situations using our fraction skills.   


How does our body work? Well, we have spent a lot of time looking and learning about our body systems. We also used this as an opportunity to show our “techy” side as we created Google Slide Presentations and then took videos of ourselves explaining the systems and then uploading those to our presentations. They turned out great and we learned a lot!

This is always a great time of year for fifth grade as we begin to contemplate Middle School and what that will mean.  I am very proud of my class and how they have grown over the year. They will definitely be ready to take on this new challenge!