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Ms. Doughty's 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Doughty's Class

What is Going on in Fourth Grade

By: Mrs. Doughty


Great things are happening in fourth grade this year!  The students are working hard to push themselves everyday to learn new things. It is such a wonderful thing to see these students strive to succeed!

In reading, we are working on making inferences in the stories that we are reading. They are doing a great job being detectives, finding clues to help them make inferences. 

In math, we have been working with fractions, and now we are moving on to decimals. It's amazing what fourth graders can do! During our PAWS time, we are also working on math concepts. Currently we are working on converting units of measurement.  

In writing, we have been working on our informational writing booklets. Before Christmas break in Social Studies, we learned a lot of information about pioneers. So for our informational writing, the class wrote about pioneers. They have done a great job using text features, using exact vocabulary, and much more. 

In science, we have been working on force and motion. We have learned about gravity, friction, and Newton's 3 Laws of Motion. With our unit, we have been able to do a lot of experiments dealing with force and motion. Attached are some pictures of one of the cool experiments we were able to do dealing with force. We built houses like the three little pigs did out of different materials. We then used a blow dryer to see which house could withstand the force of the "wolf's breath."

experiment experiment 2 experiment 3 experiment 4