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Weather Related Information and AMI

2023-2024 Inclement Weather Procedures

Updated on 1/4/2024

Snow Routes

There are no changes for East Elementary routes 2, 4, & 21, West Elementary routes 8, 9, 10, 11 & 13, and Middle School/High School routes 1, 8, 9, 10, 13 & 16. All others are as follows:
East Elementary Snow Routes
West Elementary Snow Routes
Middle School/High School Snow Routes

Snow Days

Snow Day #1:  If school is canceled due to inclement weather on or before January 31, the district will make that day up with in-seat education on February 19th.

Snow Days #2, 3, 4, 5, 6: AMI (Alternative Method Instruction) Days.  When school is not able to be in session due to inclement weather, the district will announce that we are having an AMI Day.  

Snow Days #7 and beyond: If school is canceled for the 7th time and beyond due to inclement weather, the district will make those days up with in-seat education starting with May 28, 29, and 30.

AssignmentsPre-K - 5th grade: AMI Packets (Blizzard Bags) have been sent home.
General education teachers will be available for 2 hours via videoconferencing to answer questions and provide feedback.

6th - 12th grade:
Teachers will post assignments through Google Classroom or email and students will complete them through Google Classroom or Edulastic.
Teachers will dedicate 2 hours to meeting with students via Zoom or Google Meet to answer questions. Teachers will post office hours (2 hours per day) to be available for answering questions via email.

Middle School & High School students are to check their google classrooms for virtual office hour information. 

Attendance will be taken on AMI days, so participation is necessary.  


Weather Guidelines for Recess

Cold Weather Guidelines for Elementary
It is the elementary school’s procedure that during cold weather, the decision for outside recess and activities will be based on weather as listed on the Accuweather website ( for Wright City, Mo. If the air temperature or “feels like” temperature is at or below 25°F, no outdoor activities or outdoor recess will be held.  Indoor recess will be available to students.
Extremely cold weather can be very dangerous. Parents and guardians should be certain that their children are appropriately clothed with mittens, hats, coats, etc., so they can be comfortable both inside and outside. Most days your student will be going outside for some period of time either at recess or traveling to/from school.

Heat Advisory Guidelines for Elementary
A primary focus of our teachers and staff is to ensure that we provide our children with a safe and caring learning environment during school and while traveling to and from school. Consistent with this commitment, we have established the following procedures to safeguard elementary students that aligns with the MSHSAA recommendations for heat/humidity levels.  Outdoor activities and outdoor recess will be indoors when the wet bulb globe thermometer reads 90°F or higher.  

Please take special precautions on extremely hot days including dressing your children in lightweight clothing, limiting outdoor activity and drinking plenty of fluids.  We look forward to a safe and healthy school year.