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Chromebook FAQs

What is a Chromebook?“Chromebooks are mobile devices designed specifically for people who live on the web. With a comfortable, full-sized keyboard, large display and clickable trackpad, all-day battery life, lightweight and built-in ability to connect to Wi-Fi, the Chromebook is ideal for anytime, anywhere access to the web. They provide a faster, safer, more secure online experience for people who live on the web, without all the time-consuming, often confusing, high level of maintenance required by typical computers.”

When will my student receive their device? Devices will be distributed at the beginning of the school year. At that time, students will receive a Chromebook and a charger. Students will only be given a device if their annual Online Enrollment is completed.

Will students have access to the devices beyond the school day?Students in grades 6-12 will be able to bring the device home throughout the school year. Students in grades K-5 will be able to bring their device home for virtual learning. 

Are students required to have them at school each day?Yes. We do expect these devices at school each day as they are fundamental learning tools for the types of instructional experiences that are now being built in the Wright City R-II School District. Students will need to charge their device overnight so that it is fully charged at the beginning of the day.

Who should we see, call, or e-mail if there is a problem?Students in grades 6-12 should contact their school librarian for assistance. Students in grades K-5 should contact their teacher.
Can my student use their device at home if we don’t have access to the internet?The Chromebook is heavily dependent on an internet connection, but there are word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation options that will work in offline situations as well. 

Will students be able to access inappropriate sites when using their Chromebook off campus?
The Chromebook Management Console will provide the same filtering on devices no matter the device location. Chromebooks will be filtered at home but web filters are not foolproof and are not a replacement for supervision.

How can a student access a device if their Chromebook is being repaired?The district has purchased a number of loaner devices that we will have for distribution through the library at each building. 

Does the district have the ability to track technology that may be lost or stolen?Steps have been taken to allow us to track devices in these scenarios. We are also coordinating with law enforcement to prevent avenues for resale.

Can I or another family member use my student’s Chromebook?No. Chromebooks should only be used by the student assigned to it. Parents/Guardians, family, friends, or other individuals are not allowed to use it.

My student has a personal google account, can they use that account on their chromebook?No. Students should only use their district assigned GAFE account on their Chromebook.