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Master Plan FAQ

What is the Master Plan?The Wright City R-II Master Plan is a document that helps the district strategically plan for projected growth in the coming years. Through research and communication with stakeholders, the plan maps out viable options to accommodate successful students and programs into the future.

How can one plan encompass all changes?
The Board of Education recognizes that this long-range facility plan must be a living, ever-changing document because no document can take into account all future issues. Future issues include, but are not limited to: growth in student population, changes in zoning, shifts in community expectations, changes in community demographics, passage of new state laws, alterations to building codes, revisions to best practices for teaching, etc. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the Master Plan remains a relevant and effective tool in navigating the ever-changing landscape of Wright City R-II School District.

Why is 5th grade moving to Middle School?
Wright City West Elementary is facing capacity constraints for the 24-25 school year, and the Middle School presents adequate space to accommodate 5th grade. Following extensive deliberation and consideration of community input gathered through surveys and committee discussion, the choice to move 5th grade to the Middle School was made with the aim of minimizing disruption while accommodating the district's evolving needs. At the January Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to make Wright City Middle School a 5-8 building, while Wright City West Elementary will move to a 2-4 building in the 2024-2025 school year. Furthermore, the district's expansion prompts us to revisit potential boundaries for elementary buildings in the future to ensure our district configuration aligns with our evolving needs and demographics.

What accommodations are we making for 5th grade?
In our ongoing commitment to fostering positive interactions among students, especially between our younger and older students, we are implementing assigned seating on transportation routes.

Additionally, recognizing the importance of physical activity in a child's development, we have restructured the 5th grade schedule to incorporate a rotation of classes allowing 5th graders to attend each of the four core classes, daily P.E., and two elective classes. With the inclusion of daily gym class, 5th graders will experience a substantial increase in physical activity time up to 100 additional minutes per week as compared to the traditional recess model.

Why is the Professional Development time moving from Wednesday to Monday?
The “Master Plan Survey” showed that 70% of survey respondents were in favor of moving to Monday if the late-start model went into effect. 

Why is the late-start model going into effect rather than keeping the early-release model?
We will be implementing a late start schedule to provide all of our teachers with quality and more productive Professional Development (PD) time. This adjustment also aims to alleviate challenges with supervising secondary students after school, especially those involved in activities. Additionally, it allows for a 60-minute PD session, followed by an additional 15 minutes for planning.

Will childcare be provided on Monday’s before school for students? 
Childcare will be provided for late start Mondays to ensure the convenience and well-being of your children. We understand the importance of accommodating varying schedules, and this initiative aims to support both students and parents. Additionally, please be on the lookout for an upcoming survey regarding the potential need for childcare services for 5th and 6th grade students. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us tailor our offerings to better meet the needs of our school community.