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    Infinite Campus Portal Information
    The Wright City R-II School District believes that parent, student and staff communication is essential for our students' success. One way to increase this communication link is through the use of the Infinite Campus portal. This portal provides students and parents with real time access to homework, grades, attendance, behavior, lunch balances and more.
    Portal accounts for students and legal guardians are automatically created when they enroll. Students can use their computer login information to access the portal. If a student's guardian wishes to give access to a non-guardian (step-parent, grandparent, etc) the legal guardian must complete the Infinite Campus Portal Amendment Form.pdf and return it in person to Central Office.   It is important that parents obtain their own login and that they do not use their student's login to access the portal. 

    Infinite Campus Goes Mobile!

    Get access to your student’s Infinite Campus Portal Information from any iOS or Android(v2.2+) device with the new Infinite Campus Portal App.
    You can use the new Infinite Campus Mobile Portal to view schedule, grades, assignments and attendance data.  This app gives students and parents the same instant access to their data using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android Device.
    This app also includes notifications.  Simply subscribe to notifications regarding changes to grades, assignment scores, and attendance to receive instant alerts as the changes happen.
    How do I start using the app?
    1. Our District code is HBSXVF.  This code will be listed as part of Step #2.
    2. Download the Infinite Campus mobile app from the Apple, Google or Amazon app store.
    3. On your device, open the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal and select "Settings"
    4. Type in your six character access code obtained in step 1. Press "Go."
    5. Enter your Campus Portal username and password and press "Sign In" or "Go."
    NOTE: If you have more than one student, simply select your student's name in the upper right corner to view the other student's information.​
    Don’t have an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android Device?
    While there has not been an app release for Blackberry or Windows Mobile, the Infinite Campus Portal is accessible through your mobile device’s web browser at https://campus.wrightcity.k12.mo.us/campus/portal/wrightcity.jsp
    Don’t have an Infinite Campus Portal Account?
    Download the application and bring the completed form along with a photo ID to our central office.
    View the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App videos.
    Need help more help?