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Mrs. Clinkingbeard's 4th Grade Class

Fourth grade has been such an awesome experience for me after teaching first grade for so long!  I use lap books for just about every science and social studies topic we cover.  It is a fun, hands-on way to practice and learn about each skill.  

In social studies we’ve covered everything from landforms to government.  We even went old school and played Oregon Trail when we studied Westward Expansion.  In science my class has explored topics from electricity and putting together circuits to completing force and motion experiments.

These kids have become great writers and have written many types of essays, stories, and journal entries.  I’m amazed at the progress they’ve made in their stamina in both their independent writing and reading.  The kids are also enjoying book clubs as they get to read with other students who have interest in the same topics.

Math has been one of the most exciting subjects to watch because of their growth in the topics.  These amazing kids have been able to conquer so many fraction topics, along with multiplication and long division.  We have another month for them to keep amazing me!

Denise Clinkingbeard