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Moving Up To MS

The Moving Up to Middle School Night was filled with smiles and handshakes.  This parent information night was for students transitioning from elementary school to middle school.  For a sixth grader, and first-time parents of sixth-grade students, entering middle school is a big (and sometimes scary) change.  Students leave a familiar school, where they spent most of their day with the same homeroom teacher and classmates, and enter a new building with new teachers and new classmates every hour of the day.  When you also consider the many physical, emotional/hormonal, and social changes that students are going through at this time.  Whew! It can seem a bit overwhelming.  

It is our hope that the Move Up to Middle School Night answered many of your questions about Wright City Middle School and that any anxious thoughts are replaced with excitement for the adventure that is just around the corner!

Feel free to email the Middle School counselor with questions if you and your child were unable to attend.  jennifer.sommer@wrightcity.k12.mo.us

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